It is time to find a new location for your business.  You know this is going to be a time consuming pain in the neck, so you call your trusted tenant rep broker – your advocate for all things real estate – and give the command to get started. 

No doubt, a move is arduous and complicated, but it’s not just about real estate.  Every professional advisor that your business depends on gets involved in a change this big; indeed, your corporate attorney, your CFO, your outside accountant, your insurance agent, and your HR department all have a role to play.  And the outside business growth consultants that you recently engaged to help steer your business to a successful future?  Yeah, them too.

Your real estate broker is the scout that runs out in front of the expedition, reporting back on market trends and available space for lease or purchase.   But it is also the broker’s role to know how each professional on the tenant’s team will be processing that information.  In particular, the broker would be wise to open a line of communication with the growth consultant to insure their efforts are coordinated to achieve a common goal.    I often encounter tenants who do not fully appreciate the teamwork involved.  As the consultant that initiates the relocation process, I am in a position to call to their attention the need to draw their other business experts into the fold.

The real estate broker may run ahead of the pack at first, but a lone wolf could jeopardize your goals.