I imagine many of the readers of Lease Intelligence play golf, tennis, or another competitive sport.  The joy of getting better over time is the great allures of playing sports.  But certainly, there are aspects of your game that you would love to improve.  The difficulty of breaking through these performance barriers is a trade-off frustration.

Imagine if you had a dedicated, professional coach watching your every move.  Do you think your performance would be better?  And what if that professional coach was available at no cost – completely free to you.  Would you be all over that opportunity?

That is what an experienced tenant representation broker is – your business’ free real estate coach.

My friends, tenants are getting “the shaft” every day.  Many of you have heard me chant this over and over again.   Sometimes, they get it from the landlord.  Candidly, a lot of the time it’s self-inflicted – they don’t know what they don’t know!  Yet they go it alone, making mission-critical real estate decisions and negotiating a lease without the help of a good coach – their advocate – making sure that lease is well negotiated and tailored to their unique needs.

This is how we approach things at The Tenant Group – it is why the company was formed in the first place and why I joined their ranks last month.  Listen, we enjoy what we do.  It’s fulfilling to us.  It is our passion.  What looks like a minefield to the tenant is a road map to us.  

You call me…invite me over to your office…we sit down and talk.  We put your objectives and priorities on the table and we see if we’re a good fit.  I mean, my clients love me but I’m not right for everybody!  But in any event, don’t go it alone.  You really do need an advocate when you’re looking to lease or buy commercial real estate